Tuesday, April 22, 2008

World Ice Art Championships

Just some examples of how ice can be used as an art form. Below are photos from the Alaskan Ice Art Championships. http://www.icealaska.com/

WIRED magazine article on making ice trays

In researching casting water and freezing it into solid forms, I came across an article posted by a contributor to Wired Magazine. Moldrite 25 by Artmolds and Ease Release 200 are the two materials this individual used to make his LEGO ice tray molds. He goes into detail on how easy it was. This process may be an option for testing the ice portion of my project.

Design Proposal--Project #3--Alternative Materials

The idea for this project is to pick a form and express that form through various materials. As an expectant mother, my mind is constantly on what it will be like to raise a child. From 'will they take to breastfeeding?' to 'will they get a date to the prom?' to 'will they live a long and happy life?' are thoughts I can't seem to shake but will really only discover through experience. This is what brought to my attention the many stages of life and how I might communicate them through material and form. I would like to carve a wax rendition of a baby pacifier (sketches and models to come), to cast out of multiple materials. This form is striking to me. Its clean, simple and strong, and an abstracted version of it will work well with my ideas. A pacifier is one of the first possessions one has. The nipple shape is symbolic of that of mother and her nurturing relationship with child. There are limits to what can be cast so I am choosing materials relative to my ideas I can only imagine will work. I may need advice and practice runs to test them.

Butter. Chubby newborn stage. Pure. Innocent. Simple.
Crayons. Playful infant stage. Creative. Colorful. Melted down able to be colored with once cast.
Metal. Teenage years. Cold. Hard. Distant. Frustration. Rebellion.
Rose Petals in Resin. Romantic years. Love. Heartbreak. Joy. Disappointment.
Ice. Old age. Weathered. Vunerability. Deterioration.
Since ice is a temporary material, I would like to include a hard substance to remain once the ice has melted. Something left behind, as we all do once we exist and exit our life cycle.
Pomegranate Seeds.

Lemon Peel.