Sunday, May 10, 2009

Contact Information

Website should have stuff available by the end of June:)

Final Pieces for Senior Project

Secondary Sketches for Senior Project

Joseph Hyde Photoshoot 2.28.09

I found Joseph's shoot very pleasurable. He was easy to conversate with and really has a great eye. Ill definately be going to back soon to shoot the rest of my work:)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Assigned Reading Craft Inc. IIasco pp. 86-101

Chapter 5-Marketing and Publicity Strageties

-Be an active agent of your work
-let people know you exist
-business cards, web sites, press and ads
-wear your item
-doesn't have to cost alot, introduce yourself to everyone-make connections
-make sure logo is on everything and looks professional
-make a catalog or look book (change annually or seasonally)
-prior to working on a catalog, figure out your needs

Tips for taking good photographs

-don't use a flash
-use indirect light
-diffused lighting
-daylight, tungsten or halogen bulbs
-know your camera
-use a tripod
-be inventive w/surroundings (or use plain white)
-take multiple shots, reposition objects and change perspective
-learn photoshop

Websites increase a company's visibility

-use a simple domain name
-good photos
-update often
-offer mailing list or automatic email updates
-store locator

-Be your own publicist, a press mentioned is approval from specific audience

Press Kits

-include catalog
-line sheet w/product number and wholesale prices
-press clippings/releases
-product sample
-contact info. on bottom of each page
-be creative
-keep package flat (other than samples)
-no loose articles


-If you are already going to spend thousands on advertising, hire a graphic designer to assure visual aesthetic

Create a Marketing Plan

10 artist websites

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

Kelly Nedderman

I like that kelly uses alternative materials, like hip-replacements sockets down below, but I was originally attracted to the pieces with convex glass and images undernealth. The convex glass is actually from real eyeglasses.

Francisca Kweitel

I was draw to this woman by her bandage pieces on klimt02, but wasnt able to import photos.
They are cocoon-like and helped me visualize a few changes in my own work I might want to make.

Marta Mattsson

I am not able to import any images without permission, so go to the site to check them out.....
After investigating the stages between egg to butterfly, I found some wonderfully creepy pics of caterpillars and larvae and such. Mattsson made some pretty awesome pieces reflecting caterpillars and maggots, among other creative pieces.

Senior Project Images

My theme for senior project is 'metamorphosis', although other topics like change and growth will be portrayed. The following pictures are the focus of change in nature--I will post sketches tomorrow....zxgirl @ Flickrartour_a @ Flickr teejaybee @ Flickr
My photos--Niagra Falls
I would like to include imagery from a photo of my son into a necklace including glass. Originally, I was going to use stained glass, but after todays design review I got the idea to find something with demention and try breaking and soldering it into a finished piece.

This image of 'growth' will be used as cut out circles all treated differently. Piercing, hammering, enameling, electroforming, etching, and chasing & repousse are all options. Id like to try making it into something to hang off the waste.

This image will be used to create an 'emerging' piece--most likely from the neckline. I want to experiment with a copper mesh form wrapping around the neck with something emerging from it. Have to work the details out with this one more than the others....might save it for last and get started on the rest.
pageofbats @ Flickr

Ruudt Peters

I like his combination of smooth and textured materials. I would like to experiment with aluminum foil and copper mesh in the enameling class. The bottom of these pieces remind me of crumbled foil or paper and the smooth portion provides interesting contrast.

Iris Bodemer

Im not crazy about most of this womans work but I would like to attempt to take something antique--make wax copies of it--and electroform it and the resist the real object into it. This is just kind of how I pictured it in my head....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Artistic influences--enameling II

Natalya Pinchuk

Enameling Ideas

Origami Wolf @Flickr
One small crease @Flickr
Sarako@ Flickr
Nanimo@ Flickr

I am really excited about enameling this year...and it might be because we are starting with electroforming. I feel we quickly ran out of time after just getting into it last year. I have some ideas I would like to try. My main thought is to try electroforming origami shapes. I have found plenty of paper origami jewelry,
and even some folded metal origami pieces....but have they been
electroformed? Is rice paper 'OK' to burnout? I certainly want to
try something other than the origami crane--it seems like that is the only shape people experiment with. I found some other interesting origami shapes that caught my eye.....
Some other ideas I might want to try involve crumpled paper, aluminum foil, screen, wood shavings, broken glass, mirror, and making wax copies of antique jewelry and then also imbedding the original antique piece into the electroformed piece. More research needed......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stained glass window portrait

For xmas 2008, of course, I wanted to share some type of family portrait of the three of us. I was going to etch copper plates and then patina them as an ornament, but since the chemicals were too inconvenient to obtain, decided to make that a project for a later date.
THEN...I tried pouring resin into candy molds with one of our photos to make ornaments. After trying a few different combinations of things, I wasnt really that into it.

SO...I decided to use some of the many scraps of glass I have from a stained glass class I took previously.

I took our photo, simplified it in photoshop, then created a window pattern. I colored several different color combinations since I wanted to make six 8x10 windows and wanted them all to be unique color combinations. I made two with primary colors (blue, red, and yellow); one secondary colors (orange, green, and purple); and three complimentary colors (purple/yellow, red/green, and orange/blue). After lots and lots of work they all turned out great. Pictured is an example of one of the blue, red and yellow ones. Dont ask me how I did this with a newborn. Oh--I know, my mom occupied him a few times:)