Monday, February 16, 2009

Assigned Reading Craft Inc. IIasco pp. 86-101

Chapter 5-Marketing and Publicity Strageties

-Be an active agent of your work
-let people know you exist
-business cards, web sites, press and ads
-wear your item
-doesn't have to cost alot, introduce yourself to everyone-make connections
-make sure logo is on everything and looks professional
-make a catalog or look book (change annually or seasonally)
-prior to working on a catalog, figure out your needs

Tips for taking good photographs

-don't use a flash
-use indirect light
-diffused lighting
-daylight, tungsten or halogen bulbs
-know your camera
-use a tripod
-be inventive w/surroundings (or use plain white)
-take multiple shots, reposition objects and change perspective
-learn photoshop

Websites increase a company's visibility

-use a simple domain name
-good photos
-update often
-offer mailing list or automatic email updates
-store locator

-Be your own publicist, a press mentioned is approval from specific audience

Press Kits

-include catalog
-line sheet w/product number and wholesale prices
-press clippings/releases
-product sample
-contact info. on bottom of each page
-be creative
-keep package flat (other than samples)
-no loose articles


-If you are already going to spend thousands on advertising, hire a graphic designer to assure visual aesthetic

Create a Marketing Plan

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