Monday, September 17, 2007


To my understanding this is a technique considered as 'miniature stained glass'. I currently am taking stained glass and like the idea of incorportating it into jewelry or other small-scale sculptures. Tell me more about this plique-a-jour......

Boo Poulin

She is from New York. Thought her ideas were simple and sweet. I like the cold feel of her work. Alot of it reminds me of Hematite.

Ann O'Brien

Ann O'Brien is a designer from the east coast. I am not too crazy about her earrings and necklaces but since I am working on pieces for the hair, I thought hers were interesting. She also makes bubble blowers which I thought were a new idea.

Response to 'Designer in Training'

I am a little confused with what is meant by a 'digital sketchbook'---is this it? Is blogging our digital sketchbook? Please clarify. I have tried to post sights I have viewed and it is not working. The book that is mentioned is no longer being published. I do keep a sketchbook and have always been a collector of magazines and agree they are useful in many ways--current events, random eye-catching patterns. I agree with the jewelry vs. object aspect in that the process is similar. I almost always invest in recommended books, but I just recently subscribed to 4 new magazines and 4 new books, so the Bird By Bird book might have to wait. I need to dedicate more time to newspapers but am very busy as is--I will try.


I really enjoyed my time at this school and plan to go again, they offer glassblowing, lampworking, neon and more--check it out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

skills list

Current Skills



riveting-basic, tube, spacer, flush, nail head


liver of sulphur patina

dap forming

solder inlay

lamentation inlay

roll printing

sweat soldering

vitreous enamel

medium-scale glassblowing

pop-up technology

chain-making-sailor's chain

cold forging-aluminum, silver

hot forging-steel

hammer texture
stamping texture

Future Goals

lampworking glass beads


diamond/gemstone identification certification




chain-making-chainmaille, double loop in loop, etc.

casting-silver, resin

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Droog Design Firm

Droog is a company of collaborated designers established about 1993 in the Netherlands. Their goal is to continually conjure fresh ideas to touch consumers in unique ways. Their projects and products are blasting with emotion, are sometimes expressed as a narrative and always intended to evoke thought and never be forgotten. They test materials from the past, present and future. The influence and feed hungry artists and individuals internationally. Pictured above right is a 'beehive vase' created by Tomas Libertiny and is currently on sale.

There are 8 pages of designers affiliated with the Droog design team listed in alphabetical order and reflecting numerous countries. There are 4 pages of Droog outlet stores across the map from France in Europe to Thailand in Asia, New Zealand to the west and closer points in Canada and even New York City.

Droog believes strongly in organizing exhibitions worldwide. They see this type of visual display also as a 'cinematic' experience bringing their ideas to life. An exhibition just ended in January of this year in New York at the Museum of Art and Design. It basically covered Droog's 13 year history and archives. This was a traveling exhibit named, 'Simply Droog'. Pictured above left was one example included in most recent Droog exhibit in New York.
Droog gets commissioned for work from other companies, as well as putting forth their own suggestions. The British Airways branch of London's Heathrow airport commissioned designer, Frank Tjepkema to creatively cover the big hole of air conditioning in the first-class lounge. From this he planned a sort of 'tree' with branches swirling down to add some appeal to the dull and uncomfortable area.
Droog is currently leading the Masters Design course IM at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, NL and has been doing so since 2001. They hold lectures, seminars, and workshops often. Droog's headquarters, located centrally in Amsterdam, display work from new students every two months. They occasionally hold luncheons, dinners and public events. Droog has had several articles written about their empire. We can all learn something from this outstanding organization.
Droog has a newsletter to subscribe to via email.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Who's Who @ Tar-get

Isaac Mizrahi is the main designer for Target merchandise. Mizrahi is from Brooklyn, New York and attended college at the Parsons School of Art and Design, 5th Avenue, NYC. In 1987, he got the 'Designer of the Year' award. He introduced his line of home furnishings to Target in 2005 and men's sportswear in 2006. In 1996, he received a special award for bringing fashion to the movies. He is currently working on a television show and a magazine, as well as already being involved in Broadway.

Michael Graves is another top designer for Target stores. Though an architect with his own firm in Princeton, New Jersey, Graves has a special collection of life-enhancing home decor in areas of storage, cleaning and kitchen supplies. He has received a gold medal from the American Institute of Architects as well as one called the National Medal of Arts.

Other Target designers include Liz Lange, Mossimo, Thomas O'brien, Amy Coe, Victoria Hagan, Sonia Kashuk, Sean Conway, Isabelle de Borchgrave and Rachel Ashwell. As students we should care about these designers because they are established and well-known. Their creations and talent are recognized world-wide. We should strive to acheive the same accomplishments, notations and awards.